Signage Services

Bokay Signage, only uses environmentally friendly HP GREENGUARD INKS

For health-related evaluation of VOC emissions of indoor building products—these inks meet AgBB criteria.7

Bokay Signage uses first-class practice construction strategies to make sure custom-made signage meets best practice standards that will last many years showcasing your brand while meeting OH&S protection standards.

Personnel involved in the production process at Bokay Signage have been with the company and within the industry for decades. The production and installation group understands and exercise industry best practice strategies and is enthusiastic about pleasant client facing workmanship and on-time delivery.

Our clients include print brokers/resellers, Industry Print Shops, Ad agencies, Promotional Companies and Graphic designers. Our services include:

  •          RELIABLE-We deliver on time, on budget and the highest quality.
  •          SKILLED PRINT EXPERTS - The correct colours, the right media to make your business pop


  • Digital Printing


    Digital Printing

    Flexibility in digital printing like never before. Utilising state of the art UV Grand format Roll to Roll press & Flat bed digital press, Solvent based roll machine, Latex ink printers & Photographic printers, Bokay can print full colour images, direct from supplied files and concept design created by Bokay for You.
    • UV Grand format Roll to roll 3200mm wide with Nozzle mapping for cleaner Crisper prints
    • UV Grand Format Flatbed 3000 x 2000mm wide on the rigid bed up to 50mm thick substrate.
    • Solvent and photographic printers for High-quality POP
    • Bokay even offers the option of FTP upload for your convenience

    Large Format Printing

    With our wide format printing you have the option of 740 1080, 1240 and up to 2100dpi for sharper and more colourful images. Quality Photographic posters can be printed on a variety of stocks, including matt or gloss paper, Self-adhesive vinyl, clear film, Fine art canvas, Billboards, PVC Banner material for indoor/outdoor wind Barriers and Banner MESH ,Pull Up banners, backbit display film suitable for light boxes, Wall Mural Graphics for internal office decor and we can even print on Glass and Tiles.
    • Bokay also offers all the finishing requirements for our Multitude of Finishing equipment.
    • CNC cutter! Latest state of the art cutting to shape with a bed size 2000 x 3000
    • Metal guillotine cuts up to 4mts wide and paper guillotine 1500 wide Fabrication dept with cutting tools, welding and frame fabrication for signage
    • Sewing dept utilising State of the art industrial strength sewing and High-frequency welding
    • Outdoor sign finishing – Anti-graffiti coating, sewing, welding, kedar edge, ropes & eyelets for your Billboards, banners and installation.
    Bokay’s skilled and talented design team can help you design and produce effective quality posters displays or Signs that will improve the look of your showroom, trade shows displays or your business signage- the capabilities are endless.

  • Signage Perth

    Signage Perth

    From concept, to printing, to fabrication, to installation, Bokay does it all!

    • Shop front signage from simple, flat sheet application to extreme makeover signage solutions.
    • Billboards & fence mesh for site and privacy of your factory yards and construction boundaries.
    • Internal entry reception, way finder and wall mural graphics and external signage.
    • Traditional brushwork signwriting.

    Billboards, retail shops, windows, fascias, vehicle wraps/signage, drive through bottle shops, backlit boxes & electronic led signage with over 30+ years experience, Bokay can be trusted to get the job done right.

    Do it once, do it right!

    Small and medium enterprises in addition to large corporations are given the same high levels of customer care and attention regardless of their project demands. Since our inception over 30 years ago, we have prided ourselves on delivering top quality products at fair prices.
    From concept and printing to fabrication and installation, we offer a one-stop-shop set of solutions, ensuring that each stage of the process is professionally managed by our in-house staff and installed by our own installers.

    Work of a superior quality!

    Our passion lies in creating products of a superior quality and delivering exceptional levels of customer service. Bokay staff are committed to achieving excellent results time and again. In addition to investing in quality employers, we also invest in quality equipment to ensure we are at the forefront of signage technology and techniques.
    With 30+ years experience in the industry, you can be confident that our talented and skilled design team will deliver posters and displays that will add a touch of style and elegance to your showroom or trade show stand.

    For all your business or corporate building signage, our experienced and expertise we will guarantee to meet your expectations, if not surpass them.

  • Vehicle Graphics

    Vehicle Graphics

    Bokay is the award-winning fleet vehicle graphics specialist, from simple lettering to complex vehicle wraps.


    By far the cheapest and easiest way to reach the most customers is to utilise your company vehicles for advertising. Simple logo graphics or half warps with service information can go a long way for a fraction of the price by reaching customers eyes every time you hop in your vehicle.


    Protect your company vehicle and preserve the value of your fleet while promoting your business in the best possible way with a full car wrap.
    Faster and more cost-effective than a paint job, at the same time as allowing you to easily remove and change the wrap with your next campaign, keeping you up to date and ahead of the curve.


    Protect your pride and joy with a one-of-a-kind unique personalised colour change wrap. 100% removable, leaving you with perfect OEM paint, ready for resale at a later date.
    At a fraction of the cost of a respray, you have unlimited options to create your very own unique vinyl wrap. With options covering just about anything, you could desire. Including Matte, Satin, Colour shift, Metallic, Gloss, Carbon fibre, Chrome, brushed metals, clear paint protection films, and tints. Bokay can perform full-colour changes to wild pattern wraps!

    Some of Bokay’s satisfied fleet customers included – Wilson Security, Coca-Cola Truck and car fleet, Mrs Macs, Bankwest, Dorsonga, Colli and sons, Chubb security, Ace Plus, and much more.

  • Print Resellers

    Reseller Login

    Print Resellers, Welcome to Bokay Groups online ordering.
    We are in the process of building this section of our New Website, please click the button (RESELLER LOGIN) to register your details. Once this section is launched we will forward your personal login details giving you access to all online products.

    We value the relationship we have with our print broker/resellers, Industry Print Shops, Ad agencies, Promotional Companies and Graphic designers so to speed things up for you we have built this online shop (Launching Real Soon). If you are in a hurry and can't wait for a quote Register Now! to our online portal and access pricing, and ordering.

    We’ll endeavour to get straight back to you but note that approvals can take up to 24 hours to verify if urgent please call (08) 9473 4488 to speed up the process.

  • Sign Manufacturer

    Sign Manufacturer, Sign Maker

    Our CNC Router is able to complete an outstanding range of work, from slicing 20mm clean acrylic with crystal clean edges for a reception sign to etching spec plates for massive business machinery, even growing mine spec truck safety kits, in case you want it executed, we've got the capability to get it sorted.

    The flexibility of a CNC router permits commercial sign maker to provide dimensional signage one-day, aluminium letters on the following morning and print-to-cut graphics that afternoon. Additional capability options include misters to keep the metals cool when routing aluminium and other non-ferrous metals, pneumatic drills for fast hollow drilling, computerized tool changers for a much broader choice of tools.

  • Project Mangement

    Project Management

    Our NEW cloud-based industry leading Project Management system, assists teams, to better manage your signage project rest assured we will take care of the entire process from start to finish. Estimation, graphic design, pre-production, production, project management, logistics, timing and installation.
  • Plans & Permits

    Plans & Permits

    Will I Need Council Approval?

    Plans & permits, this depends on nature of signage and your local council… Some councils allow existing signage to be replaced with new graphics without approval,  others will insist that demolition/development applications are submitted for approval before changes are made.

    Rules vary across councils; some do require approval for all external signage deployment only, yet signage behind retail/service providers windows is usually exempt.

    Always check with your local council requirements before authorising commencement of changes to existing signage or installation of any new external work. Bokay can help you with the necessary plans and images required for your application (fee applies).

    What if my business is inside a shopping centre?

    Typically, tenants of large shopping centres have guidelines provided to them by Centre Management to comply with. Bokay can assist you through this process and help you understand the requirements of the shopping centre, and the types of signage that both comply with the centre’s standards as well as meet your objectives for promoting your business.


  • Signwriting


    At Bokay the traditional art of signwriting on a ladder with a brush and tin of paint still exists. The signage industry has caught with the twenty-first century in a big way. Nearly all of our signs are now computer-generated, and brand new large format digital printing and CNC machines technology permits us to create large printed three-dimensional signs.

    If you can dream it, Bokay’s in-house signwriter could make it. There is nonetheless an area of tradition. However, don’t be fooled into wondering that there’s no vicinity for the traditional signwriting. Our business development team will find the right situation where only traditional sign-writing can be used. In some cases, a few more substantial projects are still excellent candidates for traditional signwriting leaving an impact that outdoes anything that contemporary signage strategies aren’t able to deliver.
  • Building & Construction

    Signage- Building & Construction

    Building or renovating your business premises? Make a statement with your exterior building signage, Illuminated Monolith, billboard and wayfinding signage. Ensure compliance with internal building regulations with Bokays Signage's stunning wayfinding and safety signs.    

    Billboards and V-signs, Hoarding graphics, Fence mesh, Flags, Vehicle graphics, Lightboxes, Sales office signage, Display home signage, Leasing signage, Customised projects, Scaffold mesh, Monolith & pylon signs, Gantry signs, Display home signage, Jump form signs, Corflute signs, Safety and security signs