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    Digital Signage Perth, Digital Signage Solutions

    Digital signage is a sub-section of the printing signage space evolving into display screens using technologies consisting of LCD, LED and Projection to show content material together with digital snapshots, video, streaming media, net pages, climate data, restaurant menu, or text.

    They are located in public areas, transportation structures, museums, stadiums, retail shops, shopping centres, resorts, restaurants, and corporate homes etc., to offer wayfinding, exhibitions, advertising and outdoor advertising.

    Digital Interactive Kiosk’s

    Digital Signage

    Digital Signage Software

    Project your message to the right people at the right time with digital signs from the Boaky Group. We can help you spread your message with digital display, stands, screens and more.


  • EL Poster

  • Election Printing

    Election Printing Services

    At Bokay Signage, our political printing and signage services run the full spectrum. Whether you are printing brochures/flyers, corflute posters, billboards, verge signs, vehicle wraps, wrapping your campaign office facade or any other type of campaign marketing collateral we have you covered.

    When it comes to quality and service, we have the HP Scitex Grand Format printer providing flexibility with large sheet sizes and printing speeds and fantastic quality; this ensures your election collateral looks professional.By printing more than one piece at a time, we can achieve economies of scale thus saving you thousands of dollars.

    Political Printing Services

    Who is your printer? 

    Many printers farm out their work to larger printers, so who you think are your printers may not be printers at all. Ask!  Print Direct With Bokay Signage

    Security is important

    Most people don't think about security when it comes to political printing services, but they should. The security of your content, as well as your lists, is a critical piece of political campaigns. At Bokay Signage, we have been involved in many national and local election campaigns over the last 35 years, and we take this issue seriously.

    Freighting signage interstate is old school and expensive.  Bokay Signage is your answer from design to print, manufacturing and installation – we have it covered for you. Perth’s large format digital printer, traditional sigwriting and digital signage experts,vehicle wraps. We supply to a range of businesses across Perth, including other printers and sign companies.

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  • Fence Signs

    A FrameHero.jpgdownload.jpg

    Fence Signs|Custom Fence Signs

    These fence signs 5mm thick corflute, they are durable, water-proof sign without high costs. This customised outdoor signage is useful as a brief sign at worksites and events. Real estate dealers also use the fence signs, for promoting homes for sale, tradesman working outdoors as a promotional tool. These plastic signs have custom printing of your text/pics on either a single or both side. Your pictures can be printed in a landscape or portrait orientation, and the vivid, colouration print will grab the attention of passersby!
  • Floor Decals

    Floor Graphics|Floor Decals

    Our matt anti-slip floor decals are a top-notch option for businesses who need to brighten up a dull surface. There several reasons why floor decals can assist your enterprise, whether or not it’s a special occasion or only an everlasting fixture, we are able to deliver to you. Our high best floor decals are printed on high-quality SAV, they are water-resistant and immune to fading. Composed from matte Monomeric SAV with anti-slip lamination, they're suitable for all flat clean surfaces.
  • Gator Boards Print

  • Hoarding Signage

    Hoarding Signage|Building Signage

    Whether for fencing or wall banners our hoarding signage will draw interest on you’re the launch of your new store. Although the primary function of hoardings is to ensure your site is secure, they offer an outstanding opportunity for promoting your corporations products and services and creating the excitement of approximately what is coming.

    Bokay can design, manufacture and installation a solution on your hoardings whether or not they be 1m x 2m panels or a big 300m creation. Get a quote today. Our specialists can suggest on the quality type of hoarding signage in your project considering price range, timeframes and region.

  • Home Open Signs

    Home Open Signs|For Sale Sign|Real Estate Sign

    Home Open, open house and, Open for Inspection signs are strategically used to draw passersby and those searching for the location of your home open event. Our open house signs are made with vibrant colourations and directional arrows specifically used for lawns and nature strips, our open house signs may be placed anywhere that commands interest in front of a driveway, next to a letterbox, or on a fence. You may pick any open for inspection or open house signs single-sided or double-sided printing options. Attached to a garden spike (grass), these signs may be displayed in a better configuration off the floor to permit for better viewing with the aid of passersby. For elevated visibility and long distance viewing, please inquire about our corflute signs and banner solutions.

  • LED Signs

    LED Signs|Signage

    Our LED signage solutions are the nocturnal alternative that’ll maintain your message vibrant even inside the dead of night. Seen from afar, regardless of the time of day, LED signage is rapidly gaining momentum and the solution for dynamic, attention-grabbing and effective signage. Showcasing your brand and offer around the clock.

    LEDs are a no-brainer for illuminated signage, with a lower environmental impact, and reduced running costs. Led’s are available in a collection of colours and sizes; there’s a LED answer to fit your requirements.

    Providing impressive design and toughness, versatility allows creating smaller lightboxes which may be used to develop tremendous illuminated results at the back of the scene without messing with the look of your sign.

    They make an excellent fit for retail, shopfronts and showrooms in high traffic regions.

  • Led Backlit Signs

    Led Backlit Signs|Signage

    The prominence of backlit, 3D lettering adds depth to your businesses signage. Combine this with inexpensive LED lights brings a halo effect to the sign's lettering. Attracting more attention and creating a perceived value and confidence in the brand. 

    Perfect for retail groups, purchasing centres, professional corporations and hospitality. Our signage professionals can guide you through the letter sizing, deciding on simple of more impactful signage solution and the location where you new signage will look its best. Whether or not your letters mild up your constructing fascia, home windows or rooftop, those backlit beauties will shine brightly for years to come.

  • Lightbox

    Lightbox|LED Light Box

    We are drawn to vivid colours and lights, therefore lightbox signs are a uniquely powerful way to brand and draw interest to your business enterprise 24/7.

    Remarkable for below awning placement in high-traffic areas, making your business easy to discover from the road or the street. Internally they can be used to feature your logo above counters and reception regions further reinforcing your brand and a perceived appearance of quality.

  • Neon Signs

    Neon Signs|Signage

    Nothing glows like a beautiful neon sign. Taking us back to the glamorous 20's or the retro 50's Neon signs elicit an emotional response. All about attracting interest, we can create a genuinely bespoke sign that conveys the essence of your logo.

    The angles and shapes finished with Neon are extremely good for lettering. Pick out your font, your colour, and we can create the rest of your eye-catching branding. Your bright new neon sign can be even be set on a timer to display specific outcomes for maximum effect.
  • Posters

    Poster Printing, Poster design, Poster Maker

    Posters improve focus fast and are regularly used on course to save on bus stations, and Adshel displays to launch new merchandise. For this reason, their frequency on ability patron passing by has a cumulative effect.

    Posters had been used for the purpose that earliest times in a textual format for advertising, bulletins, and proclamations for hundreds of years. The improvement in posters came due to the introduction of the lithography followed by way of chromolithography which allowed mass quantity with the inclusion of colours and snapshots to be published. Some of the varieties of posters; Propaganda and political, movie, travel, railway, occasion, concert, band/tune, pin-up, comedians, e-book, academic, translucent signs to name some.

  • Pylon Signage

    Pylon Signage|Street Signs|Monolith Signs

    Pylon Signage and monolith signs are available in quite a number sizes and styles and offer effective publicity from the street to passing site visitors.

    Pylon signs are the gateway to your enterprise, and the first impression site visitors see while drawing near your site. Smart businesses realise the importance of strategically designed and placed pylon signage in elevating the visibility in their logo and maximising the ability to passing trade.


  • Pull Up Banners

    Pull Up Banner|Pull up Banners Perth

    Pull-up banners are self-supporting, masters of mobility. With a cartridge in the base and no additional furniture, you can create a professional presence in less time than it takes to locate the blue-tack. that is a popular signage solution for occasions, exhibitions, product launches, and meetings.

    Pull-up banners are also a high-quality choice for branding an access to an event, space you use regularly, however, aren't allowed to permanently affix a sign, and they are easily transportable. Youcan converts your banner's message or offer to mirror your rebrand.

    When it comes to pull-up banners, Bokayise your pull-up professionals and will qualify the broader cause of your signage to match your message with the best banner. 

  • Real Estate Signs

    Real Estate Signs|Plastic Signs|Signage

    Real Estate Signs or plastic signs property signage is commonly used for home open signs. Also used for election campaign messages and other outdoor branding campaigns. Most of these stake signs feature a thin metal wire construction, so they are lightweight and enter the turf or grass easily. Some feature built-in steps, so the user can gently guide the unit into the ground their foot. Other configurations, like the favourite "H" post frames, often include an additional area for a sign rider. 

  • Signs, Signage

    Signs,Cheap Signs Perth, Signage

    Bokay can create a custom made sign for your business, call the Bokay Team of talented consultants, designers and production technicians for your next sign. From commercial building signs both static and illuminated to vehicle wraps, pylons, fascias and digital signage all made my Bokay’s team of expert print and digital technicians in-house.

    Business Signs Perth

    Our designers can use your brief to craft a striking sign inline with your style guide, next our production team will take the reigns and build your sign. Our team of installers will comply with OH&S particular to your site while installing your custom sign.  



  • Safety Signs

    Safety Signs| Hazard Signs|Danger Sign

    Safety Signs are instrumental in the workplace to ensure the safety of staff and site visitors, enabling them to move across the administrative centre independently and safely.

    Australia has several special requirements that apply to the manufacture and installation of occupational protection signage. Those guidelines are divided into several exceptional sections, including regulatory, hazard, emergency statistics and fire protection signs.


  • Security Towers Retail...

  • Shop Front Signs

    Shop Front Sign|Shop Signs

    Shop front signs are an essential part of advertising products and services to passersby. 

    Massive and formidable, awning and fascia signs are like a map of the businesses on a street or strip mall for people strolling or driving by. Simply, if your commercial enterprise doesn’t stand out in the streetscape, it’s very difficult for potential clients to locate you.

    You may have unique and amazing merchandise in town, however, without visible signage, it’s tough to deliver traffic to the door. Typically made from ACM aluminium with digitally printed pix, awning and fascia signage symptoms are front and centre, reminding folks that you are open for business, and what you do.

  • Stadium Signs

    Stadium Signs|Led Signs|Digital Signs

    Promote your brand and your offer to thousands of potential captive clients that attend stadium events throughout the calendar year. Our Bokay team will be only too happy to assist you with your campaign designs and choice of the type of stadium signs static or LED to suit your marketing spend. 

    LED signs do flash brightly and relentlessly at some point during sporting occasions. LED signs have been deployed in main stadiums across the world. In smaller venues, signage companies that own LED panels will install the signage in exchange for a slice of the advertising revenue that these LED signage panels generate.

  • Teardrop Banner

    Teardrop Banner|Teardrop Flags 

    Full-colour teardrop banner flags are an excellent manner to draw interest and are considered one of our maximum versatile promotional products. Catching the attention of passers-by with their motion, flags are best for outdoor events, retail store and expos.

    Light-weight, transportable and easy to assemble, teardrop banner flags are brilliant for grabbing attention for verge and street side promotions.


  • Totem Signage

    Signage, Totem Sign, Monolith Sign

    A Totem sign is a freestanding signage; this is the smaller brother of the pylon signal that is normally very big.

    All totem signage must encompass good enough structure to make sure of stability and safety to the general public; those designs frequently encompass illuminated functions and 3-D signal elements. A pleasant function to make sure your sign has a point of difference is to and will make your message stand out from the crowd.Totem signs offer a larger surface area for your message; of caution, hazards, regulatory or interpretive signs than a posted sign and are perfect for avenue and intersecting carriageways.

  • Vinyl Banners

    Vinyl Banners|Outdoor Vinyl Banner

    Vinyl Banners, in this category we've got a variety of products to meet most clients requirements the single-sided vinyl banner with eyelets is by far the most popular banner, used to impact your target audience from one side. However, our double-sided vinyl banner is very popular at trade shows and events such as product launches and sales where passersby can be impacted from both sides allowing for different messages or the same on both aspects. 

  • Vinyl Wraps

    Vinyl Wrap,Car Wrap,Vinyl Car Wrap

    Vinyl Wraps are one of the most price efficient styles of advertising and marketing. Convert your vehicle into an advertising marketing mobile billboard

    Crafted from high-quality vinyl, we will vinyl wrap your fleet using your artwork. Alternatively, our art studio technicians will follow your brief and style guide to create keyword focused messages that stimulate interest leveraging enquiry, all this encompassed in a stunning design converting your vehicle into top rate marketing space.

    Vinyl Wrap Car Perth

    Car wraps are a wise choice for generating new business and reinforcing brand awareness, they are also a cost-effective way to be seen and can last up to five years. 

  • Vinyl Printing

  • Wall Stickers

    Wall Stickers|Wall Decor|Wallpaper Design

    The days of working in boring little cubicles using white partitions and lit with the aid of white fluorescent lighting are long past. Offices these days thanks to company giants like Google and Pixar that have proven an incredible achievement despite their unusual places of work, more significant number of people are embracing the idea that innovative wall stickers and paintings in their surroundings allows stimulating minds and inspire innovation.


  • Wayfinding

    Wayfinding Signage|Directional Signage

    Wayfinding signage and directional signage assist with internal and external traffic flow within an organisation and aids efficiency. Talk to the experts at Bokay about easily changeable directory forums, a pillar and put up metal outdoor signage and building signage that aids wayfinding.
  • Window Graphics

    Decals|Vinyl Stickers|Window Signs

    Leverage the vast area that windows deliver, ditch the boring reflective surface for an eye-catching colourful, window graphic, decals showcasing fascinating photos, outstanding full-shade pics that helps passers-by understand your business and displays your call to action.

Signage, Signage Companies Perth WA

They say first impressions count! How does your brand stand up against your competitors in the physical and ever-changing digital space? Signage includes a business’s logo and is indexed to the overall marketing strategy of a businesses building signage Perth. No longer can you rely on your past standing in your space, these days marketers must have to think outside the box just to stand out.

Signage Solutions, Digital Signage

Clearly signed businesses, products and services can simplify the decision-making process, trigger impulse purchases, improving the overall customer experience. Reach out to, the Bokay Signage team of professionals that have serviced this space for 35 years, we will showcase your company by increasing your brand exposure, the chances of new customer acquisition and repeat business.

Bokay Signage, only uses environmentally friendly HP GREENGUARD INKS

For health-related evaluation of VOC emissions of indoor building products—these inks meet AgBB criteria.7

Bokay Signage uses first-class practice construction strategies to make sure custom-made signage meets best practice standards that will last many years showcasing your brand while meeting OH&S protection standards.

Personnel involved in the production process at Bokay Signage have been with the company and within the industry for decades. The production and installation group understands and exercise industry best practice strategies and is enthusiastic about pleasant client facing workmanship and on-time delivery.

Our clients include print brokers/resellers, Industry Print Shops, Ad agencies, Promotional Companies and Graphic designers.

  • RELIABLE-We deliver on time, on budget and the highest quality.
  • SKILLED PRINT EXPERTS - The correct colours, the right media to make your business pop

Our services include: