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The days of working in boring little cubicles using white partitions and lit with the aid of white fluorescent lighting are long past. Offices these days thanks to company giants like Google and Pixar that have proven an incredible achievement despite their unusual places of work, a more significant number of people are embracing the idea that innovative wall stickers and paintings in their surroundings allows stimulating minds and inspire innovation.


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Wall stickers are the quick and smooth way to transform your store, office or work surroundings. Whether or not you are seeking to rejuvenate an indoors space or want to promote your brand, our signage specialists can work with you to discover the high-quality solution, on-time and to-spec. Large Format Printing is a fantastic method to cover entire walls interior or out.

Bokay’s flatbed printer produces great large format prints to cover big regions either interior or out. The wallpaper is back. Ideal for places of work, retail spaces, exchange displays and home use, get creative with this easy-on and smooth-off signage, and feature rich in flexibility and originality,

On the subject of wallpaper, consider the promise of a blank canvas from larger than lifestyles work of art to phrases of wisdom, walls are an excellent way to tell your brand tale and generate the effect. Supply your creativity free reign, and we’ll contend with the print and set up. Our Bokay signage expert can consult with you on the best options and positioning on your wallpaper design.

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