Backlit Posters 

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The prominence of backlit, signage creates an extra measurement of your business signage attracting extra interest and developing a high-end look. Best for retail organizations, buying centres, professional corporations and hospitality. Our signage consultants can guide you in terms of your letter sizing, choosing a simple or a striking solution, as well as placement.

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Regardless of the placement of your backlit sign up your building fascia, retail window or rooftop, these backlit beauties will shine brightly for years yet to come.

Bokay’s consultant works collaboratively with you to create powerful backlit signage to fit your price range, logo and surroundings. whether it's at the fascia of your building, within a window or established to a rooftop; the expanded exposure from backlit signage will actually repay in building your brand and enticing clients to engage your product or services provider of choice.