Pylon Signage

Pylon Signage, Street Signs, Monolith Signs

Pylon Signage

Pylon Signage and monolith signs are available in quite a number of sizes and styles and offer effective publicity from the street to passing site visitors.

Pylon signs are the gateway to your enterprise, and the first impression site visitors see while drawing near your site. Smart businesses realise the importance of strategically designed and placed pylon signage in elevating the visibility in their logo and maximising the ability to passing trade.


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Because of their large-than-lifestyles presence, pylon signage appeals to attention and can be seen throughout busy highways, motorways, and streets, making a bold declaration on your emblem.

The use of numerous materials and lights consequences, such as internal or outside illumination and the inclusion of LED show displays. Alternatives include:

Single pole

Simple, fee-effective strategy to boom your visibility and branding

for wide-ranging visibility.

Twin Pole

best for multiple signage panels fairly outstanding pylon sign.

Protected Monolith

covered or Clad structure perfect for covering structural assist

custom-made in a number sizes and for multiple signage panels

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