Real Estate Signs

Real Estate Signs, Plastic Signs, Real Estate Sandwich Board Signs

Real Estate Signs or plastic signs property signage is commonly used for home open signs. Also used for election campaign messages and other outdoor branding campaigns. Most of these real estate lawn signs feature a thin metal wire construction, so they are lightweight and enter the turf or grass easily. Some feature built-in steps, so the user can gently guide the unit into the ground their foot. Other configurations, like the favourite "H" post frames, often include an additional area for a sign rider. 

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Powder coated finish to make sure of exceptional durability Tight bends to make it in fit the corflute sign smartly
300mm from the ground to the base of the sign 250mm long 3mm wire spikes

Plastic signs are suitable for actual property signage – easy to put on the ground and pull again out when needed – durable powder coated stake. These are double welded to increase sturdiness.

The wire stakes/spikes are inserted into 5mm thick corflute signs. The most customarily used size corflute panel is 600W x 450H (mm). You could also get creative and create a custom die cut corflute stake sign to grab further attention!

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