Lightbox|LED Light Box

We are drawn to vivid colours and lights, therefore lightbox signs are a uniquely powerful way to brand and draw interest to your business enterprise 24/7.

Remarkable for below awning placement in high-traffic areas, making your business easy to discover from the road or the street. Internally they can be used to feature your logo above counters and reception regions further reinforcing your brand and a perceived appearance of quality.



Digitally printed translucent graphics illuminated and with opal acrylic or polycarbonate faces, light boxes images are printed on flexible translucent media this is custom built to your specs.

Lightbox signage comes in standard sizes, however, we can custom make a lightbox to match your design, from the slimline facet, lit for retail display to double-sided below awning, wall-mounted light boxes, and flexface illuminated billboards.

 Our team of in-house installers will make sure your lightbox is correctly mounted and connected to meet all the OH&S requirements in your shopping centre or strip location.