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Adshel Posters

Adshel assists you to create a personalised marketing campaign to push the bounds, create shockwaves and get you out of your comfort sector. We trust that notable campaigns deserve perfectly placed media, and that’s just the beginning.

Adshel Street Furniture

Planing on advertising outdoors than give Bokay Signage a call we have been printing attention-grabbing billboard posters and for Adshel Street furniture for many years. Our large format digital printing process ensures that your images are perfect for outdoor viewing.

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Adshel Perth Outdoor Signage

We print on industry-standard outdoor water resistant poster substrates made it tough to adhere to most materials and resist cracking, tearing and flaking in challenging weather conditions.

Bus Shelter Advertising Promotional Posters

These posters are used in conjunction with strategically placed poster furniture located in high traffic areas to escalate brand recognition or to promote the launch of a new product or service.

Our Adshel Posters have the following properties:

UV Translucent ink excellent luminosity for bus shelters

Both Superlite and Metrolite Posters

Printed on Yupo Synthetic FP220

100% Recycled product

Book our In-house team of Tradies to ensure a professional finish.   

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