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Paint Protection

Ask the team at Bokay Signage how we can protect your valuable investment using clear film. Paint protection films provide an effective solution to preventing damage caused by stones, insects, liquids, tooling, parking ‘dings’ or just heavy usage – all based on the proven performance of Avery Dennison films. Unlike waxes and applied coatings the paint protection film does not wear off when exposed to the elements and regular washing!


  •         Protects painted surfaces
  •         Preserves appearance and financial value
  •         Ultra-clear for great aesthetics
  •         Minimal cost for maximum protection
  •         Apply and forget’ performance with a long operational life


  •         Excellent protection for critical body sections
  •         Excellent durability
  •         Ultra-clear and non-yellowing
  •         Conforms to flat and simple curves
  •         No impact on paint ageing or fading
  •         Dimensionally stable during use
  •         High performance, solvent based adhesive
  •         Can be removed by a professional installer
  •         Resistant to high-pressure cleaning

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS High impact areas of:

  •         Cars, vans, buses and trucks
  •         Trains and trams
  •         Motorbikes
  •         Recreational vehicles
  •         Machinery
  •         Indoor building surfaces

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