Why Vehicle Signage Pays

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How will this impact my business?

The goal of most businesses is to increase exposure among an audience to attract new business. This is generally achieved through some form of advertising.   Vehicle advertising is a cost-effective form of advertising that increases exposure to your brand.

Vehicle signage is an investment in your business, whether it’s a fleet of trucks or just one or two cars. The exposure that you will get daily from just one car has the potential to reach thousands of people.

Vehicle Advertising Vs Traditional forms:


Compared to traditional media, vehicle advertising has the lowest cost per impression. For the cost of one TV campaign that runs over a period of a month, you can have a fleet of vehicles covered in advertising that is visible indefinitely. Vehicle advertising is a fraction of the cost of TV.

Declining readership

Without a doubt, vehicle advertising demands attention. While other forms of traditional media are fragmenting and on the decline, outdoor advertising continues to increase. According to Billboards Australia Outdoor advertising has increased by 5.5%.

How visible are you on the road?

Vehicle advertising is effective because of the colossal amount of exposure it attracts for the cost.

Newspaper readership is down. Television & Radio are very expensive. Internet advertising is complicated. Whereas vehicle advertising can go where your audience is, simply and cost-effectively. Whilst a typical TV campaign may cost $20,000 and run over a few weeks to a month, vehicle signage may cost as little as $2,000 and will be visible indefinitely.

Wherever we go we are surrounded by vehicles of all shapes and sizes on a daily basis. Having a visible presence on the road pays.

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