Banner Mesh

Building wraps, attention-grabbing printable mesh banners that cover large areas on building facades promoting your brand or services to a vast audience. Also used as protection on the building site to protect passersby from debris while concealing the mess on site.

Valmex Mesh

Have launched a range of high-value permanent facades Digital printing differs from other printing methods in that it does not require a print die (print plate or template) for printing. The print medium is directly printed on using different types of inks. Printing widths of up to five metres are possible due to the fact that the printing medium is on a roll. MEHGIES® printing substrates are coated fabrics, in contrast to laminates. Coated print media are very resistant to the elements, which is extremely beneficial for long-term outdoor applications. The special surface finish gives the material an even print appearance and impresses with its colour radiance.
MEHGIES® products also have PVC-free and flame retardant substrates in the range for indoor applications.  

Entrance Impact

First impressions count! Right? Invest in your brand and make a statement on arrival that you are proud of your brand and the products and services that it represents. Companies are going for bold and innovative signage to engage their customers and instil trust.

Digital Signage

We have come through an innovative period and like 2017 the year ahead promise to keep on rolling out more and more digital tech to be utilised in the signage industry to attract the attention of customers.

Screens will continue to get slimmer and wider than the current models. The word is “Reflective Displays”  yes this is a Thing! Promising reflective display technology that is flexible and a micrometre thick reflecting light instead of emitting it! The talk is that 4K will be replaced by 8K resolutions with frame rates up to 120p.

An innovation being worked on is the use of haptics for screens, they are electrostatic fields that can fool the human fingers simulating nerve impulses that register in the brain with various textures such as rough, lumpy and smooth etc. This tech will be developed as overlays to be applied to the existing touchscreens adding an aspect to interactive displays.

For instance, a shopper could swipe through an online catalogue while feeling the texture of the items they are viewing before making an informed choice. This trend for the content to get more personal and interactive will continue to evolve. Content will adjust according to local conditions, therefore, if its sunny outside it may promote sun protection merchandise etc. this changing automated content will all be controlled by computers based on external data feeds.  

That word “AI.” yes it's also making an entrance into this space allowing unprecedented scaling of data and integration. Therefore data feeds will become messages in their own right without outside intervention. This level of integration will allow for linked promotions and cross promotions on an entirely new scale combining all devices.

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