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Pull Up Banners- Silver Duo (Good)


Pull-up banners are self-supporting, masters of mobility. With a cartridge in the base and no additional furniture, you can create a professional presence in less time than it takes to locate the blue-tack. that is a popular signage solution for occasions, exhibitions, product launches, and meetings.
Pull-up banners are also a high-quality choice for branding access to an event, space you use regularly, however, aren't allowed to permanently affix a sign, and they are easily transportable. You can convert your banner's message or offer to mirror your rebrand.

When it comes to pull-up banners, Bokay Signage is your pull-up professionals and will qualify the broader cause of your signage to match your message with the best banner.

BS Classic; Size width available: 850mm,1000mm and 1200mm Visual Height – 2000mm Sheet Height – 2100mm • Choice of snap lock or premium Allen key top rail • Supplied with well-padded side opening carry bag. 1 Year Warranty on the retractable spring mechanism

BS Double-sided banner;
stands maximize your advertising by providing twice the impact while using the same amount of space. The stand allows visibility from either side and gives the opportunity to display two graphics back to back. • Size width available: 850mm • Visual Height – 2000mm (pole can be reduced to 1500 high for shopping centre applications) • Sheet Height – 2100mm • Supplied with well-padded carry bag 1 Year Warranty on the retractable spring mechanism

BS Outdoor double-sided; retractable banner stand that can be used outdoors • Plastic base that can be filled with water to increase the weight of the base to over 24kgs • Has built-in wheels and handle • Dual support poles are also telescopic, so in addition to the full height of 2000mm, the stand can be used to display banners with a visible height of 1470mm in the lowest position • Now with top pole support •Size width available:  – 800mm Visual Height – 1930mm Sheet Size – 2100mm. 1 Year Warranty on the retractable spring mechanism


BS Jewel Single Sided; Size width available: 850mm, 1000mm, 1200mm • Visual Height - 2110mm Sheet Height - 2200mm • Supplied with well-padded carry bag • Supplied with premium screw top rail • Available in black or silver finish. 3 Year Warranty on the retractable spring mechanism


BS Classic-D; Size width available: 850mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 3000mm Visual Height – 2000mm Sheet Height – 2100mm  
Sleek chrome endcap & front trim Anodised aluminium finish Quality padded carry bag Heavy duty clip top rail 3 Year Warranty on a retractable spring mechanism. 3 Year Warranty on the retractable spring mechanism

BS XL banner;
stand is the ideal solution Large Retractable stands are perfect for backdrops for Exhibitions, Display Area, Conferences, Media Shows, and TV Appearances. • Size Width available: 1500mm , 1800mm, 2000mm, 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm • Visual Height – 2110mm • Sheet size – 2200mm. 10 Year Warranty on the retractable spring mechanism


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