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Car Wraps

  • 8 Reasons Why Vinyl Wrap is Better than A Respray
    8 Reasons Why Vinyl Wrap is Better than A Respray
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    Vehicle Wrap is an advertisement, design or embossed effect applied to large sheets of adhesive vinyl to fully cover or partially cover the surfaces of vehicle panels. High impact graphic wraps attract a great deal of attention, offer a unique look other than the factory finish, increase brand awareness and the opportunity for a higher return on advertising investment.

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  • Vehicle Wrap with a Twist
    Vehicle Wrap with a Twist
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    A project that we recently completed was for the Vehicle Signage of V8 Supercars to be used in a Jeremy Clarkson show. The mission of this job was not only to meet the specifications detailed by the client but also to complete the work to a strict deadline in time for the live airing of the show. The deadlines were so tight that as soon as the vehicle signage was finished it was transported to the Arena minutes before the show was to start.

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  • Why Vehicle Signage Pays
    Why Vehicle Signage Pays
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    Vehicle signage, otherwise known as outdoor advertising, is a powerful form of advertising as it promotes your business to motorists and pedestrians, whenever and wherever your company vehicles are in transit or stationary. How often are people exposed to vehicle advertising? 72% of Australians travel on roads to and from work, spending 7.5hrs in the car and making on average 10 trips weekly. A 78% of 18+-year-old notice outdoor advertising, (Billboards Australia).

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