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8 Reasons Why Vinyl Wrap is Better than A Respray

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If you think of your vehicle as a moving billboard, it is an asset that offers valuable advertising space. Your business vehicle will be seen by hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers every day. Not only will a digitally printed wrap make your vehicle stand out from the crowd, it will also protect the paintwork from minor scratches and UV bleaching, which can increase the resale value of the vehicle after the car wrap material is removed.
What are the benefits of Wrap over a respray?
1)Cost – car paint respray is about 2-3 times more than that of wrap
2)Time – standard car wrap takes 3 days, whereas a paint respray takes a month
3)Change – it is simple to remove the wrap and re-wrap in a new colour
4)Paint Protection – Wrap protects your original paint from stone chips and scratches
5)Maintenance – No need to polish, wash your vehicle as normal, no more polishing.
6)Vehicle Resale Value – paintwork retained as the wrap is removable keeping the paint protected.
7)Durability – tougher than paint, wraps offer scratch and stone chip protection
8)Removal – vehicle wrap can be removed without harming your original paintwork

Can a vinyl wrap be removed?

Vinyl wrap can be completely removed without damage to the underlying paint works, in saying this, it would depend greatly on the original condition of the underlying paintwork as to the result of the removal. If the paint was peeling or chipping prior to applying the Vinyl Wrap than it is likely that the paint will come off during the removal process. In addition, if the vinyl film is somewhat “old”, it may become extremely difficult to remove due to the film breaking away into small chips.

How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

A full wrap can be completed over a three-day session, but this will depend on the size of the vehicle and the number of parts needing to be removed to apply the wrap correctly, this can fluctuate between three and five days. A basic installation can be broken up into three stages; 1: Removal & reattachment of parts (ie; wing mirrors, lights, badges etc), 2: Meticulous cleaning of the entire car body and parts (that will be to be wrapped), with an industrial alcohol solution. 3: The application of the vinyl film, this is a very careful process where patience and a great eye for detail are required.

How durable are vinyl vehicle wraps?

This is dependent on the film applied but each has a longevity of 5 to 12 years. The film is also durable enough to protect your vehicle from stone chips and minor abrasions. Durability is also dependent upon the elements, as with most materials.

Will wrapping my car affect the resale value?

In most cases, having a vinyl wrap applied to your vehicle will help retain the value of your vehicle.  The vinyl protects the paintwork from stone chips and abrasions and can be removed to reveal the paintwork in its original condition.

Is vinyl wraps illegal?

Vinyl Wraps are road-legal, though we would suggest you contact the Department of Transport to notify them of drastic colour changes (or in the case of a full colour-change). No inspections/charges are required following the application of your new wrap.

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Need help?

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