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Unique Project: Corona Branded Illuminated Sign

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The challenge of this project was finding a solution that would not only meet the client specifications for creating a beach theme, and use pre-existing treated pine wood to create a slat type sign as the base, but would also be to meet a set budget.

The solution that was proposed was for the installation a Corona-branded thatched hut. The brief was to supply signage that included 50mm chrome CNC cut letters, fitted with led lights for illumination, face brand colour match translucent acrylic and install with a reverse stay in pine to cross member of the roof.

The project was a success, as not only did we meet the client's specifications, but we delivered a strong colour illuminated branded sign that had an impact, standing out amongst many other competitor signage located within the venue. The client was extremely happy with finished results.

Do you have an unusual signage idea to make your brand stand out? Then allow us to put your ideas into action so that your brand can shine.

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